Cortina Design Engineering®


Our passion is the product development through design innovation and optimization, in order to improve the product’s lifecycle. We are committed to optimizing the use of natural resources along the product supply-chain to reduce the environmental pollution derived by human activity.

We are a group of Mexican engineers with passion for design and product development -highly motivated, qualified and talented- with the objective of providing engineering services and analysis that will contribute to our client’s success.

Along with engineers who possess over 20 years of experience in automotive industry, we offer engineering solutions focused on product development from concept, virtual validations with CAD/CAM/CAE tools, and prototyping phases for national and international enterprises and industries.



About us…


Cortina Design Engineering® is an enterprise focused on providing engineering services to design and product development through experienced and well-trained engineers, working with last generation of computational tools.

Our working strategy is focused on Computer Assisted Design, manufacture and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE). It is through these tools that we are able to define and conceptualize a product through 2D and 3D images, realize virtual evaluations of the dynamic behavior of the product on real conditions, and manufacture feasibility for sheet metal formability or polymer injection.

We are always focused on product-optimization for the better cost-function-weight relation according to our client necessities. By virtue of the activities we perform, we assist during the whole process to the environment conservation and the natural resources saving.

We are a work team with specialization in different industries such as the automotive and aeronautic, with wide experience in design and virtual validation.




Our mission is to provide high quality applied engineering services to national and international clients, with the purpose of adding value to the supply chain and improving its product life cycle.



To be a reference in the industry on product and process engineering with creative, innovative and functional high-tech solutions.



  • Honesty with our customers.


  • Professionalism and passion for design and technological development.


  • Continuous improvement through innovation.


  • Commitment with our team the work team and the Ideology of Cortina Design Engineering®


  • Responsibility to respond for our acts and its consequences.