Simulation Solutions (CAD/CAE/CFD)  Design & Product Development.


Simulation Solutions (CAD/CAE/CFD)

In the last decades, the CAE-Driven Design Process has gained significant importance, and it has become essential for certain industries such as Aautomotive, Aaerospace, Metal-Mechanicbio-medic, etc.

Simulation has proved that it saves product development cycle time, reduce significant costs, and strengthens companies’ competitiveness, thus strengthening their market position.

  • We own expertise in the use of simulation tools and optimization process driven by CAE, which allow us to analyze variables that can be modified to get different objective functions.
  • We have expertise in topology and topography optimization which allows us to develop lighter and functional designs that are validated with CAE tools in the end.
  • Our team leaders apply creativity and innovation to generate designs that are validated and optimized through simulation and design tools such as CAD, CAE and CFD.

Topology CAE optimization used to improve several design and construction variables of a Vehicle SAE of Rudolph Diesel University (México) – 2016.


Structural Computer Aid Engineering (CAE) analysis:

  • Modal
  • Frequency Response Function
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Transient
  • Explicit
  • NVH
  • Buckling
  • Fatigue
  • Topology Optimization
  • Topography Optimization


Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis:

  • External fluid (Aerodynamics)
  • Internal fluid (pipes)
  • Solid rigid movement
  • Rotary machines
  • Free surface
  • Heat transfer
  • HVAC
  • Multiphase fluids
  • Tank Sloshing
  • Multispecies fluids
  • Smoke propagation
  • Structural-fluids interactions
  • Particles analysis
  • Aero acoustics
  • Shape Optimization


Computer Aid Design (CAD)

  • 2D / 3D
  • Automotive Exterior and Interior components design
  • E/E Wiring, harness and cabling design
  • Die and tooling design


Design & Product Development.


Since early design stages, we work with multidisciplinary views that allow us to generate more valuable products in relation with the function they develop and costs.

We use CAD/CAM/CAE tools as part of the Product Life Management to validate the operational functioning and manufacturing feasibility on designs. These tools allow us to evaluate in a virtual scenario the products’ physical behavior at a millimetric scale in terms of stress, strains, vibration, temperature, pressure, velocity, etc.

  • Product design through technics driven to quality management like PSD (Product Specification Development) and QFD (Quality Function Development).
  • Product design through DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) methodology.
  • We take care of the complete product development cycle, from concept to prototyping as well as initial production ramp up recommendations.
  • Render services.




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